A Weekend Away Can Increase Your Wealth

Harnek Kang’s Reasons Why an Entrepreneur Should Take Weekends for Family and Travelling Harnek Kang owns and operates a successful property development company in Sheffield UK. He has over 20 years of professional experience in property development, rental management and a wide array of other impressive professional achievements. Acting as a landlord to many tenants... Continue Reading →

Leadership is Born on the Soccer Field

5 Skills That Can Be Learned from Team Sports Harnek Kang is a successful property developer in Sheffield, UK. He grew up in a poor area of India, in a family that struggled to make ends meet but was always full of love and nurturing. Harnek Kang was able to overcome the adversities that he... Continue Reading →

The Investment of Property Renovations

How a Well-Planned Property Renovation is a Great Investment Harnek Kang grew up impoverished in India in a single parent household. Although his house was filled with love and nourishing, it was often lacking in financial availability and him and his siblings went without necessities until he worked steadily and regained financial stability for his... Continue Reading →

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