Harnek Kang: How Football Helps To Build Teamwork Skills

Playing football offers more than health benefits, it provides people with valuable life skills as well.

No football team can ever become successful without working together to reach a common goal. “Teamwork is essential for high performance from any sports team, professional or not, and is a great way of learning life lessons such as taking responsibility for our actions and cooperating with others,” says Harnek Kang, a property developer of Sheffield United Kingdom.

The lessons and skills developed from playing sports can be applied to life outside of sports such as school and work. Everyone can obtain the positive qualities learned through playing football, such as teamwork, discipline, perseverance, goal setting and chasing after success. Below is a brief list of the positive qualities that one can gain through team sports such as football.


It’s no shock that team sports like soccer promote cooperation, as teammates count on each other to function as a collective unit. Both children and adults can learn how to cooperate with their teammates, whether or not they like everyone on their team. “Real cooperation means putting aside our differences for the greater good of the team, which is a very valuable life lesson,” says Harnek Kang. In order for a football team to function and play successfully every member needs to play their role efficiently, and all team members rely on one and other to do their best.


There are a number of challenges that football provides, all of which can help to build a persons perseverance. Much like life, the challenges and disappointments that take place in football are roadblocks that are inevitable. Challenges like sports injuries, aging, or not making the draft could be enough to tempt someone to quit. But for those who are determined football can teach people to stick with it even when things get tough,  and that hard work and patience pays off in the end. According to Harnek Kang, “having a team, a mentor or a support system makes a huge difference and helps an individual to get through the tough times”.


Being part of a football team is a great way to learn about being accountable. Players are not always successful, and if a teammate is at the wrong place or the wrong time, or missed an open goal they are held accountable and have to take responsibility for their mistake and not blame it on someone else or make excuses.


By being a member of a football team encourages socialization, as players are engaged in being part of a group. The team shares the common interests which are a love for football and ambition to win. “This group effort helps people to develop strong teamwork skills which can be applied to work, school and within family units,” says Harnick Kang.

The life skills that can be learned from playing football are well worth  the efforts and the hard work. It teaches us that if we work hard, mentor and support each other, and preserve through tough times, we have a great chance at achieving our goals.

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